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Transfer Deadline Day open discussion and live updates

Charlie Crowhurst

Today is the final day of the summer transfer window and with it is the final day that Dougie Freedman and Bolton Wanderers can add to the squad on a permanent basis. Thus far, it is all quiet on the Reebok front with nary a rumor and even less concrete news than that. Bolton Wanderers fans are hoping for a very busy day from their club but there is nothing doing quite yet.

This is where you come in. It seems like every site is doing its own version of a "live blog" but we're not going for that. We want you to get involved in the conversation. Throughout the day, we want you to leave comments below, along with the Lion of Vienna Suite writers, about what you want to see from Bolton Wanderers today. Who do you want in? Who do you want out? Have you heard a rumor? Got some general thoughts? We want you to let us know!

Doing that is simple. Simply leave a comment below by either creating a new one or replying to an existing one. You will be driving the conversation but we'll get it started.