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Seagull-eye view: Brighton & Hove Albion v. Bolton Wanderers

An interesting review of the Brighton game from an opposition fan

Bryn Lennon

Brighton fan and friend of the site, Simon Tipple, sent in the following review of the weekend's game:

I don't think you're that bad.

We did apply most of the first half pressure but balls into the box for Barnes were dealt with fairly easily by your defence, we missed Ulloa as a target man in that respect and needed to get more men in and around Barnes and in the box, which is exactly how our 2nd and 3rd goals came about.

At 1-0 Bolton, I was concerned and you grew in confidence and had a decent spell in which you looked good. Then our equaliser lifted the team and crowd and the momentum swung in our favour. You needed to slow the game down and kill the momentum to stop us grabbing a second at that point.

I think Bogdan will be disappointed with the second goal, it wasn't the cleanest of strikes.

Kuszczak had to pull off a few decent saves for us though. If you'd have got a goal back the last few mins could have been a little twitchy!

I'm surprised you let Keith Andrews go, I think his calming influence could have been pretty useful, especially in the minutes after the equaliser.

I think you'll turn it around though. You've had a very tough set of fixtures to start the season with. Easier games are coming and I expect you to pick up.

It's nice to hear that he thinks we're "not that bad", but I'm sure we'd all rather be seen as spawny winners than gallant losers!