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Official: Millwall's Liam Feeney brought in for three months, gets 26 shirt

Tom Dulat

Following yesterday's report that Bolton Wanderers were set to make an addition to the team in Millwall Winger Liam Feeney comes official confirmation from the club. The deal has been completed and is set to last for three months. Yesterday's report had said that Millwall could recall the player after 28 days.

Feeney joined the Lions from Bournemouth in 2011 but has seriously struggled to nail down a spot at the Den, having been relegated to cup and substitute appearances this season. His who role at the Reebok Stadium will most likely be the same thing as the likes of Chung-Yong Lee, Chris Eagles, and Rob Hall are all ahead of him in the pecking order. According to Bolton Wanderers, Feeney is eligible to play for Wanderers in tomorrow's match at Yeovil Town.