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Wanderers' injury wave is slowly receding with Davies progress

Michael Steele

If there's one thing that we have come to expect from Bolton Wanderers in recent years besides support-testing seasons, tough luck, and easy goals allowed by the defense, it's injuries. It seems that the Trotters always have at least one big injury to worry about, usually to a key member of the squad. At the moment, there are no surprises at the Reebok's sick bay that don't include the long-termers in Joe Riley, Mark Davies, and Stu Holden but one of those names is about to be crossed off the list.

Mark Davies was injured back in March of last season, hurting his knee against Peterborough United at the Reebok. The anterior cruciate ligament injury is due to keep Davies out until January or so but the mazy-run-making midfielder is making good progress on the road to recovery.

Speakingat the BWSA meeting earlier this week, Bolton's sports rehabilitator, Dave Dean, provided an update on the sorely-missed attacking mid:

"Mark is back on the field doing his final stage work now. It will take a few weeks for him to get his fitness back but he's doing really well at the moment.

"He is ahead of schedule but it is obviously not something you can rush. We don't want him coming back and then getting re-injured.

We need to make sure, so there is no real timescale on it."

It will take time for Mark Davies to fully return to the Bolton lineup with a slow ramp-up to match action that will include closed door matches and reserve outings.

Dougie Freedman may be able to fill the gap created by Davies' absence sooner rather than later with Andre Moritz saying that he should be 100% fit by the next home match, against Leeds United, in a week's time. There has not been an official update on Stu Holden's progress coming back from another knee injury but the American is showing the same positivity and effort that has endeared him to fans on both sides of the pond.

Wanderers will look to win their first game of the season in a little over seven days' time and the injury news could be the boost they need.