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Bolton Wanderers v Nottingham Forest: Immediate Reaction

It was a roller coaster ride at the Reebok today, and Anna was able to calm what is left of her nerves and write about for you.

Clint Hughes

I'll take it.

I mean, I don't usually hope that Bolton Wanderers will end the game with a draw, but after the almost lifeless first half that they had, it's a miracle we managed to get a point. Plus, you know, Nottingham Forest spent so much time practicing for their upcoming drama series that there wasn't actually that much football played.

Granted, there was a spell in the second half where everything just started coming together for us; following Matt Mills' equalizing goal Andre Moritz, Mark Davies and Chung-Yong Lee were everywhere and anywhere, trying to get a second goal for Bolton. I mean, at one point, Tim Ream even tried to help out (his shot was like 20 yards wide but still). And that's the kind of team that the fans react passionately to. At the end of the day, I don't care if Dougie Freedman sends out a 4-4-2 or a 4-5-1 or if he literally cuts a player in half to play a 4-3.5-2.5...well alright, depends on whom he's cutting in half.

I can already hear the traditional football fans going on about how formation matters, and it does, but formation is what's been hurting us too. Formation doesn't mean that each player has to stay in this allocated imaginary box and not be legitimately trying to make whatever chances he can. I'm all for running amok if it means that we're attacking and forcing the other team to panic about what to do. I want, actually I can say with certainty we all want this squad to be a little meaner, a little riskier, a little more powerful.

Basically, not a team that lets Jamie Paterson score 90 seconds into the second half. No one wants to be that team.

Sure, we managed to salvage a point today, and given the circumstances I can be happy with that. But you know, it's about time we start winning, isn't it?