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Reading v Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

7-1. Yeah. What is there to say? Anna is here to make us feel better. And worse.

Matthew Lewis

I've decided I'm sick of sounding like a broken record, so this week's reaction to the game against Reading FC is a little different. Think of it as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" if you will. Looking for bitterly depressed at losing 7-1? Got it. How about desperately hopeful and looking forward to next week? Done. Neither of those float your boat and you want royally pissed off? Scroll down and enjoy.

Bitterly Depressed Anna says:

7 goals? Really? After the way we came back and played in the second half last week this team is just going to come out and casually let Reading score 7 goals? Did we even have a plan? I know that we're short on money and not a lot of possibilities are available to us but you have to admit that there is always something that Dougie Freedman could do, and he sure doesn't seem to be doing it.

Desperately Hopeful Anna says:

There's always going to be a bad game when we're a rebuilding club. We know that. This team always has a shockingly low point and then comes back the next week and calms us down a little bit with a good, solid performance. It doesn't matter if we lost by 6 goals or by 1 (well technically it does but go with me here), it's always 3 points we didn't get. So onto next week it is.

(It's hard to be hopeful with those 7 goals flashing before my eyes on loop.)

Royally Pissed Off Anna says:

You're going to be down 4 goals at halftime and then just not make any changes? That's a joke right? Something to try and lighten the mood? And then sending Medo Kamara on? Because when we're down by more goals than I have fingers on one hand the first thing we should do is play defensively.

And I swear if this is going to be used as a reason against Andy Longergan to send Adam Bogdan back on no one will want to be around me for a good week.

(Hey look at that I did it without one curse word! Go me.)

But, the most important part of this is the facts. Credit is given where credit is due. Reading played a spectacular game today with Adam Le Fondre scoring in the 12th, 28th and 33rd minutes, Pavel Pogrebnyak scoring the penalty in the 41st, Kaspars Gorkss adding his own in the 60th, Hope Akpan joining in the 74th and Nick Blackman finishing it up in the 78th. (If you want details of these goals, read the match report. I can only take so much rehashing.)

Bolton's very own David Ngog managed to find the goal in the 88th. But the real man of the match wasn't on the pitch. So here's to the fans that went and sang their hearts out, because it was you all who let me keep my sanity.

Or what's left of it anyway.