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Lonergan lets in 7 - Time for Bogdan?

Following an idle internet conversation, an interesting point has been raised

Paul Thomas

I was chatting with LOV's own Liam O'Meara regarding the humiliating 7-1 away thrashing inflicted upon Bolton Wanderers by opponents Reading this past weekend, and he raised an interesting point:

"With Andy Lonergan letting in seven goals, does that open the door for Adam Bogdan to return?"

I thought this was a fantastic question.

Early last week, Liam and I wrote about the two contestants for the goalkeeping jersey, and, I think, put forward reasonable arguments on both sides.

I wrote about the merits of maintaining the status quo and keeping Lonergan in the side, but since Saturday I have been reassessing that position.

Seven goals is seven goals.

Personally speaking, had it been Bogdan (or any other goalkeeper for that matter) who had conceded seven goals then I would be in favour of them being replaced for the next game.

Bolton Wanderers and Dougie Freedman are fortunate in that the Cup game against Cardiff City is a bit of a 'free' match - the manager can recall Bogdan without losing too much face, with the truly big decision coming a week later against QPR.

Leave your comments in the box below, who would you pick....Lonergan or Bogdan?