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Trialist Factfile: Laste Dombaxe

Chris takes a look at Google to see what we can learn about the new man

Richard Heathcote

Bolton Wanderers U21s are facing Southampton U21 tonight on the back of a 4-0 thumping of Leicester U21s exactly one week ago.

An unfamiliar name on the squad sheet is a certain Laste Dombaxe.

The Spurs youngster is believed to be on a work placement loan, which presumably means he goes for a long stand, or heads to Wigan Athletic to pick up some tartan paint.

Jollity aside, what do we know about him? The answer is = nothing.

However, we do have the internet, so this is what we've found:

* The midfielder was born in 1995, and has been at Spurs since 2011.

* Laste is on Twitter and can be found here.

* Laste has captained Spurs' U17, U18 and U21 sides.

* He has featured in seven NextGen matches for Spurs, scoring against Sporting Lisbon, while he was also on target for the U21s in a 4-2 defeat against bitter rivals Arsenal.

Fascinating stuff, eh?