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Man of The Match? You're having a laugh Bolton!

Here at the Lion of Vienna Suite we have always chosen a Man of The Match. Every game, win, lose or draw, we would pick one player from Bolton Wanderers who stood out, who separated himself from the rest. Sometimes this was easy. It has often been difficult. Lately it has been nearly impossible.

No drink for you!
No drink for you!
Julian Finney

It's a simple task. Choose the player who makes the most notable contribution to his club's success, and honor that player. It used to be easy. Hell, it used to be fun. But lately, it has become a chore. We have seen one sorry performance after another. Week after week of writing things like "Darren Pratley worked hard," or "we would have lost by even more without Andy Lonergan," have worn us down. And the we can't do anything about it. Anna can't put in a tackle. Chris can't buy a central defender. Liam can't play a pass. Well, I am the managing editor of this blog damnit! I am going to do something about it.

What am I going to do about it? I am taking it away. The Official Lion of Vienna Suite Man of the Match award is suspended. The sparkling grape juice is going in the freezer. Until we see a performance worthy of the Man of The Match, we will not present a Man of The Match. There are a lot of professional footballers at the Reebok Stadium. Several of them have a great deal of talent. Until they show that talent, and show it in a way that helps Bolton Wanderers get positive results, we will not honor them.

Only the players have the power to change my mind. There is only one way to do it. Crazy as it sounds, the players have to actually do their jobs.