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Question Time: QPR

Awight Arry you old tinkaaaaaa

Paul Thomas

1) Redknapp is a bit of a sort isn't he? How do you feel about him being your manager?

Experienced, controls the "bigger characters" in the squad and seems to have a good eye for talent. Overall quite happy he's in charge, despite him being a bit of a geezer.

2) Joey Barton = yay or nay?

Nay - Decent performer but his wages could be spent on younger players. To give him credit he's put in some solid performances in this season, but who'd want to give Joey Barton any credit?!

3) What are your thoughts on QPR's season to date?

7/10. We have turned Loftus Road into somewhat a fortress, though with mixed away results. Think we have the squad that should win the division, but need to be able to grind out the wins otherwise we'll be in the lottery of the playoff.

4) Are you worried about the threat of FFP sanctions as a result of your spending under Fernandes?

In a word, yes! Looking at contracts of the likes of Julio Cesar (yes he's still on our wage bill!), Shaun Wright-Phillips, Bobby Zamora etc. I worry we'll be the new tragic story in the footsteps of Leeds United in the 2000s. I've heard rumours of a huge fine, £26m or something ridiculous, coming our way if we don't reduce wages and increase revenue. However, I'd be surprised if the club were fined as I'm not sure UEFA have the power to do that. I'm mainly worried about possible transfer embargoes and points deductions if we don't get promotion this season.

5) Who worries you most in this Bolton side?

Jermaine Beckford is always a threat, and I always enjoyed watching Chung Yong Lee in the Premier League a few years back, and I hope he can shake off these injuries and get back into form.

6) Can you give us a score prediction?

1-0 QPR win, not one for the neutral.