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Bolton Wanderers v Blackpool: Immediate Reaction

It's on to the Fourth Round of the FA Cup for the Mighty Bolton Wanderers. How does that make Anna feel?

Clint Hughes

So, uh, we're giving this 4-4-2 a try next week when we play Nottingham Forest, right?

Because if we don't, I might just give up and slam my head into the wall in frustration.

Sure, maybe there's the slight possibility that this was just a one-off and we got lucky, but there's no denying that the combination of Jermaine Beckford and David Ngog was nothing short of wonderful. The two compliment each other very well and it was evident by their respective goals.

Not only that, this was a different Bolton Wanderers team all together. They came out ready to play right from the opening whistle. The last couple of weeks, whether home or away, Bolton always ended up conceding first, taking half an hour to remember what they showed up for before they started actually playing decent (is this being too kind?) football. Things seemed to go our way today (and about time, too). Attackers who pressured Blackpool FC without wavering, a defense who managed to keep it together for the most part, players who sound convincing and no errors that made us want to hide in shame. Basically, today was a breathe of fresh air.

Today was the way we should be playing week in and week out.

Sure, we conceded a goal, one that I'm still very confused about, But we didn't concede immediately; we held on and we fought and some confusion led to the goal. The team came out in the second half just as ready to play and it's a bit hard to put into words, but this game just felt different.

I mean, of course, it's just our luck that this team shows up for the FA Cup, but I hope Dougie Freedman will be smart enough to have them show up for the rest of the season, because this is the Bolton Wanderers football we need.