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The Guardian Casts It's Eye on Bolton Wanderers

Guardian Chief Football Writer Daniel Taylor has written a fascinating piece on Bolton's recent (mis)fortune(s)

Chris Brunskill

I like Daniel Taylor.

For some reason, he blocked me on Twitter, but then again that's his perogative.

However, last night he wrote one of the most hard-hitting and downright frightening articles on Bolton Wanderers in recent times.

Our little old club has not often been in the national press of late, and for such a heavyweight writer and newspaper to cast their eyes towards our beloved Wanderers is perhaps a sign of things coming to a head.

The full article can be read here.

Within the 1000-odd word piece, Taylor discusses our recent woes and comes to the conclusion in the byline that:

Muddled thinking, poor signings and exorbitant wages have brought club to its knees but chairman refuses to accept blame.

This has been a consistent stick with which elements of the Bolton Wanderers-supporting fanbase has used to attack the chairman and the way that the club has been run in recent years.

It is unlikely that the club will issue a response to the piece, but the words contained within offers stark reading for Wanderers devotees - indeed the piece has been re-tweeted and shared across the BWFC web. I myself have received the link no fewer than a dozen times via text, never mind Facebook, Twitter or the Wanderers fan forums.

References to the recent club case against Tony McGill will not make pleasant reading for the chairman.

References to the £15m wasted on Johan Elmander will give the bean-counters nightmares.

References to the staggering amounts of money wasted on average players like Keith Andrews will give more fuel to the fire in the belly of Wanderers fans who want a change at the top.

What is happening to my beloved Wanderers? Everyone within the fan base knew this was coming, but having our dirty washing aired in public like this is most upsetting.