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Lennon to Right Dougie's (Many) Wrongs

Music to our ears

Stu Forster

Speaking to the BEN, new Bolton Wanderers manager Neil Lennon said in conversation:

"The bar has to be raised,"

Noting the low morale around the club, a by-product of the Dougie Freedman era, Lennon continued:

"I want the team spirit better as well.

"There has been a malaise for whatever reason and we need to change that.

"They are demands but demands within the realms of their ability. I'm not going to start asking them to do things they can't do.

He also addressed the topic of his somewhat fiery reputation and whether the approach of his predecessor - a man accused of causing rifts in the club, by saying:

"I'm not a bully or a dictator. I don't think that's the way you get the best out of players. You have to evolve and understand the culture of the dressing room. Once they get to know me better there should be no problem.

Taking a no-nonsense common sense approach, the manager said:

"They might need a little bit of TLC but I am not here to feel sorry for them. I'm here to get results.

"I came into Celtic at a difficult time and I changed it round there so I'm optimistic I can do the same at Bolton."

I don't know about you guys, but I like him.