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Price of Football Study Shows Wanderers as Good Value

It's a good job they don't have a similar study into the on-field stuff.....

Richard Heathcote

The annual BBC Price of Football Study has been released, and the 2014 version makes for positive reading for Bolton Wanderers.

Whilst the club has undoubtedly experienced some hard times on the pitch, off the field costs compare well with their Championship divisional rivals, with season tickets prices being below the divisional average.

In terms of season ticket costs, Wanderers have their cheapest priced at £304, which compares favourably when with those on offer at Brighton, Norwich City, Bournemouth and Rotherham - all of whom charge in excess of £450 for their own 'cheap' season tickets.

This is put into focus when looking at the results of the most expensive season tickets in the division. Your most affluent Wanderers fan can look to spending £474, which again compares favourably with Ipswich Town and recently relegated Fulham, who charge more than £800 for theirs.

Not bad value when you look at it like that.

The most important feature of this survey was the price of the pie.

Very important.

Now I've complained about this myself in the past, paying £2.90 is a bit much in my opinion, but seeing that Fulham fans have to pay £4.10 for their pies I suddenly don't feel so bad about it.

The average price of a pie in the division is £3, so Wanderers are just about getting a good deal.

Still expensive, mind.