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What Now For Bolton Wanderers?

An alternative view on the present situation at the Macron Reebok Burnden Stadium Park.....

Mike Hewitt

Guest writer Henry Hewitt has offered his thoughts on the Neil Lennon/Bolton Wanderers situation.

Read on:

So as the dust settles on the fifth Bolton Wanderers managerial appointment since the glory days of 'Big Sam's Super White Army' there seems a new sense of optimism surrounding the fans.

The dark days of Dougie Freedman are over and the future is beginning to look as bright as Neil Lennon's ginger hair... but what now for this famous old club?

Surely the only way is up for Bolton!

Bottom of the Championship, five points adrift in the relegation zone and sitting below a side who started the season so desperate for players they were thinking of dressing up the donkeys on Blackpool beach in orange, is far from ideal. It needed a change, we (finally) got a change, so let's move forward!

Everything about the appointment of Ginger Mourinho II seemed very rushed. Twitter was still full of fans posting screenshots of the latest Paddy Power 'next manager odds' on Saturday night, by Tuesday he'd been appointed and @OfficialBWFC had managed to fill my timeline with photo's of the new boss that ranged from him bent over a desk in the 'media centre' to lifting a scarf that looked like the tea lady had knitted it on her fag break above his head on the pitch.

Let's hope it was rushed for a reason, get him in and let's get started!

I, like many other Bolton fans, rushed out of work on Monday evening to switch on BBC Radio Manchester as presenter Jimmy Wagg had an exclusive on air Q&A with the latest man who's side will inevitably get compared to that of Big Sam's 10 years ago.

I must admit, the thought of a manager coming to the club with no Championship experience didn't initially fill me with much confidence but after hearing the interview I can safely say that I've changed my mind.

He appears to have a winning mentality and an understanding of what Bolton Wanderers Football Club is all about,

Neil Lennon came across as someone who we(the fans) can get behind and also confirmed the rumours that the u21s trained at a different complex to the first team under the old regime.

The King is dead, long live the King!

Neil Lennon will be allowed a honeymoon period by the Wanderers fans but less face it, he needs to hit the ground running. This league is extremely competitive and with three games in the next 10 days we need to see our second win of the season ASAP! If he takes time to settle in and results don't come his way then we could be in for a very bleak Christmas indeed.

Now, of course I hope this doesn't happen. I hope we find ourselves winning the next 4 games, face Wigan on Sky and push them further down the table than they already are... it seems to have slipped under the radar that the club who are 'run properly' unlike 'them lot up the road' are currently fourth bottom, but I digress.

It's an interesting time to be a Wanderer, it feels like we're either on the verge of something special or a civil war.

The club has been run badly in recent years but is this the turning point?

Time will tell but one thing's for sure... if Neil Lennon can show half as much passion as he showed managing Celtic then it can't help but motivate a side who's in desperate need of a kick up the arse.

Good luck Neil, you have everyone behind you! NLSWA!

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