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Immediate Reaction: Fulham v Bolton Wanderers

And now, the end is near. And so he'll face the final curtain. My friend, he'll say it clear, He'll state his case, of which I'm certain... Dougie has done it his way. And his way is (was?) utter, utter shite

Mike Hewitt

We don't know yet if this was Dougie Freedman's final curtain. All I know is that probably 95% of us now would be happy if it was.

You don't often come back from that sort of landslide opinion in this crazy game we call Football.

A predictable loss in West London, a mauling, a shambles. Yes, we have only been beaten by the odd goal before tonight but there was always a hell of a bigger chance of a result like this slapping us in the face, as opposed to the win that Dougie stated 'was coming' with all the 'hard work' we put in.

The fact you can confidently bet on your team to lose by 3 goals or more when 2-0 down at half-time is far from enjoyable but that is the state we are in.

From the tweets and updates it seems we had maybe one real chance all game which, surprise surprise, monsieur Beckford 'skewed wide'. Shock. Not a single shot on target was mustered against a team just one place above us in the table before kick off.

The match highlights on Sky Sports News should have been shown on Comedy Central instead.

Something has to give, it will either be the attendances and ultimately our Championship status. Possibly our whole future as a sustainable football club.

Or it is Dougie?

I think I know which one is more palatable...