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Neil Lennon - Sent Off for Doing His Job

Oh Lenny, I do like you!

Bryn Lennon

New Bolton Wanderers boss Neil Lennon got a rough introduction to English referees and jobsworths wanting to make a name for themselves at the weekend when he was sent to the stands towards the end of the win against Birmingham City.

Lennon said in conversation with the BEN:

"I got sent off because she said I was consistently leaving my technical area.

He continued:

"It wasn't as if I was remonstrating with an official, giving Lee Clark a hard time or arguing with Birmingham players - what I wanted to do was get the message on to Jay Spearing to take the penalty.

He went on to explain further:

"By all accounts Craig has scored the last three but I wanted a technical player to go up and take it, put his foot through it and put the game beyond doubt.

"In the end he's blasted it over the bar against an outfield goalkeeper. That tells me our game management needs to be a lot better."

The Northern Irishman was unfortunate enough to come across an inexperienced and egotistical referee in the shape of Mark Haywood who, with encouragement from his eager assistant Amy Fern has managed to get his name in the papers which I'm sure he's absolutely delighted with.

Lennon - carry on regardless.