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5 Things: Birmingham City v Bolton Wanderers

Elliot looks back on Lenny's first game and reflects

Bryn Lennon

1. Darren Pratley is not good enough

I've always been a big fan of Darren Pratley, however his performance on Saturday confirmed for me what many Wanderers fans have grumbled about for a while now, he simply isn't good enough.

His high-work rate and passion regularly displayed is very reputable, but there's no getting away from the fact that he's got two left feet.

Whenever he gets the ball the 29 year old lacks confidence or that bit of skill needed to pick out the killer pass.

He's also ridiculously clumsy, the amount of needless fouls that he concedes is scary.

Hopefully Pratley will gain confidence under the new manager and excel, however he didn't impress many Bolton fans at St Andrews.

Saturday was his 100th game for Bolton - all forgettable.

2. Demarai Gray will be a very good player

He was very impressive. Demarai Gray, remember that name. Birmingham City's number 33 was in truth, their only worthy player.

He tormented Matt Mills and Dorian Dervite on various occasions and at only 18 years of age, he has a massive future ahead of him.

Andy Lonergan had to be at his best to deny Gray three times, making two good stops and one magnificent one.

3. Liam Feeney isn't that good

Feeney made his ninth appearance in a Bolton Wanderers shirt at the weekend and he's still yet to impress. His positioning is great, he always sticks wide and asks for the ball, however when he gets it, he doesn't have a clue what to do with it.

During the first half we had a brilliant view from the away end of his right wing, and he didn't even worry Randolph in the Blues net.

When he gets the ball he hasn't got the pace nor the skill to take on the full-back and he misplaced virtually every cross out of play.

He did marginally improve in the second half, however I can't envisage defenders losing sleep with the thought about facing him.

This will probably just be me, but I would rather have the new free-agent, Chris Eagles, on the field rather than Liam Feeney.

4. Bolton Wanderers have very good support

( I already knew this one) There has been no official confirmation of how many fellow Wanderers supporters made the trip down to St Andrews, however it is believed that around 1,700 people did so, not bad.

The fans were brilliant as well, ever since the Jay Spearing led his team out for the warm up they got behind their team, and sung proudly throughout the game.

We gave Neil Lennon a rapturous reception and even got behind and supported Craig Davies after his horrendous penalty miss.

5. Andy Lonergan is a good man

Not only did he keep us in the game making three crucial saves, he also demonstrated brilliant sportsmanship. As well as ensuring his defence's clean sheet and the crucial three points he managed to talk the referee, Mark Haywood, out of giving Wes Thomas a yellow card for a challenge on him in the first half.

This was a brilliant gesture and exemplified how to play the game honourably. To make things better, Lonergan picked out a fan at the final whistle and jumped over the advertising board to hand him his shirt from the match.

Here's to you, Andy Lonergan!