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BREAKING: Investment Group Eye Wanderers Takeover!!!!

Incredible news for cash-strapped Bolton Wanderers....if it happens

Bryn Lennon is reporting tonight that Thai groups BEC-Tero and Siam Sport Syndicate are preparing to launch a joint takeover bid for Bolton Wanderers in a deal estimated to be worth £40m.

After securing a similar deal with Brazil's Cruzeiro alongside the modestly named BEC Tero Sasana FC, BEC-Tero is now reportedly eyeing a move to acquire Bolton Wanderers from present owner Eddie Davies

Bryan Marcar, BEC-Tero managing director, revealed that he was approached by Bolton officials, who have put the cash-strapped club up for sale at 40 million pounds.

He said tried to find a business partner and found that Siam Sport Syndicate, a sports media giant in the country, was interested in the struggling club.

The BEC-Tero boss went on to say that he would travel to England with Siam Sport executives Pongsak Pholanan and Wiluck Lohtong to study the club's financial statements and discuss the possible takeover with Bolton officials.

"As for the bid to take over Bolton, I must admit I have a close relationship with the club's president.

The club has plenty of property, and most importantly, they have their own stadium, hotel and football academy.

"In terms of their financial status, they made profits between 2004 and 2006, but suffered losses since then, with their debt now standing at 150 million pounds.

However, the club is willing to address this situation.

"They're quite ready in almost every aspect. That will help us benefit in many ways, especially when it comes to Thai players playing in England,"

Thai owners are already in place at Leicester City in the Premier League, and Wanderers' fellow Championship outfit Reading FC.

This, if true, is incredible news for Bolton Wanderers.