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Update! Dougie Freedman out!: Bolton Wanderers v Bournemouth

Bournemouth come to the Macron Stadium to face a battered Bolton Wanderers side without their just now unemployed manager.

More of the same
More of the same
Mike Hewitt

Bolton Wanderers Football Club have parted ways with manager Dougie Freedman before Saturday's match against Bournemouth.  That is the fact.  We were all angry.  We were all discouraged.  We are all still embarrassed by Wednesday night's capitulation against Fulham.  But this is where we are.  This is the hand we have been dealt.

I'd like to focus on team selection in this post.  Write about how Tim Ream should reclaim the left back spot, or discuss the merits of Liam Feeney playing from the start.  I'd like to focus on tactics in this post.  Write about a Joe Mason-Craig Davies partnership, and wonder whether fit was a one-game fluke or the two are building a cohesive front line together.  I'd like to focus on anything but Dougie Freedman in this post.  I'd like to focus on fitness in this post.  Write about Adam Bogdan still being unavailable, not to mention Marc Tierney's absence coming on a year now when it was supposed to be six months.

It's been impossible though.  Dougie Freedman has been fired.  Yet it has become something more. Until Bolton make the playoffs, or win the league, or otherwise stop the rot, this focus will not go away.  Tactics will take a back seat.  Team selection will take a back seat.  The only thing we as supporters care about, or want to talk about, is the future of the club's managerial position.  And most wanted a future without Dougie Freedman.  Now we have that future, but it will still be very difficult for the club to move on.