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Turner and Hughes To Take Temporary Charge

With Dougie Freedman gone, the task to get Bolton's season going momentarily falls on Lee Turner and Andy Hughes.

Tony Marshall

With the much celebrated news of Freedman's departure bringing joy to many a Wandering heart, one thing was left unclear for most of Friday afternoon: Who would manage the team for the game against Bournemouth on Saturday and beyond, until a replacement is found?

The announcement was finally made late on Friday. First team goalkeeper coach, Lee Turner, and player/u18 assistant coach, Andy Hughes, will take over the reigns from Freedman's departing team and will do so until a new man comes in, on the basis that they were heavily involved in first team training.

The news came as quite a surprise to several fans, as the majority thought and hoped that either Jimmy Phillips or David Lee (or both) would have been given the chance to show they can take the step up to management.

I have nothing against either Turner or Hughes, I'm sure they're very good coaches for the club, but I don't really understand why they've been put in temporary charge. I suppose their first team involvement is a valid point, but from what we've heard from some players it seems that Phillips has a very good relationship with everyone anyway.

It makes little sense to me because Phillips or Lee were a no brainer, either of them would have immediately got the fans on side and would have helped create a much better atmosphere at the game. Now it seems like the excitement for today's fixture has been partly replace with an apprehensive curiosity, because we have absolutely no idea what to expect.

Also, since the men the fans wanted in charge aren't going to be, I'm quite concerned at the possibility of the fans turning on the team once again, should we go behind (which is something we definitely don't need). Where as I don't think it would happen under Phillips or Lee.

The only reasons I can think of that neither of them got the opportunity is that they either want to be assessed as proper candidates for the job, so don't want to be having to juggle that with actually doing the job; they just don't want to manage the team; or that Gartside, or whoever is choosing this time, is not considering them.

Either way, it's time to get behind the team later today. So lets keep all boos and protests to pre and post match and lets behind those shitebags in white!