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FM14 Parallel Championship: Bolton v Bournemouth

Latest round of the FMPC

Now I'll confess. I'm actually on my honeymoon.

I played this game back on 17th September in advance of our game against Bournemouth which took place yesterday against AFCB fan Jason Lewis.

I set up with the following lineup:


Fairly typical, though I did umm and arr between Joe Mason and Rob Hall supporting Craig Davies. I went with CD because I think Jermaine Beckford is a bell-end.


Two fairly standard line-ups. I thought I'd be alright against his 4-4-2. I usually am.



Good player him. Wouldn't mind him at Bolton Wanderers.

However - a mere 12 minutes later and Elphick gave us a helping hand with a lovely OG:


Then, that sod Kermogant did it again:


Half-time came and went, with Wanderers trailing:


Not good.

Went on the attack, changing team mentality from 'Control' to 'Attacking'. Works for Barcelona.

Then this happened:


Incoming sub Neil Danns equalises! The lovely sod with his hair made from sweets!

The last ten minutes gave us a fright with two disallowed Bournemouth goals:


The game finished 2-2.

Can't grumble.