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TV Dragon linked to Wanderers takeover

TV's Queen of shoulder pads and former judge on Dragon's Den, Hilary Devey, has been linked to a sensational takeover bid for Bolton Wanderers.

Paul Thomas

Rumours around takeovers of Bolton Wanderers are extremely scarce, especially when compared to the Glazers at Manchester United, the Venkys at Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City's high-profile takeover several years ago. But a sensational new rumour is doing the rounds on social media that Bolton-born entrepreneur Hilary Devey is considering a takeover of her beleagured hometown club.

The former Dragons Den star, famous for her stern appearance and impressive shoulder attire, is yet to comment publicly on the rumours but noises from her spokesperson suggest the speculation may not be too far from the truth.

He said: "I can neither confirm or deny that she (Devey) is interested in buying the club.

"We are aware of the speculation and she will probably make an announcement on Twitter, but it will not be this week. She is involved in a very intensive period of filming for TV at the moment and cannot comment any further."

But in spite of that talk of Devey investing in the club have been rife all over Twitter, with Wanderers fans largely seeming warm to the idea.

@alliemwhitfield said: "Very interesting rumours that Hilary Devey is considering buying #bwfc. A millionaire with a passion for the club, can't say I'd complain."

While @swift87 tweeted: "I would love to see this happen. New manager, new chairman, new owner HILARY DEVEY. Name above the door."

And @DannyW91 said: "From what I've read Hilary Devey couldn't afford to buy our club and give Eddie what he's owed. Come on as Chairperson? Absolutely #bwfc"

With rumours that Eddie Davies wants out, investment in our club of any kind would be very welcome news. But whether Devey commands the financial clout to support us - and our rumoured debt - remains to be seen.

She's rumoured to be worth a net $75m, around £50m, but her business influence would certainly be of benefit. You'd imagine she'd straight through the nonsense of Phil Gartside and get him straight out of our club, which would be a positive in anyone's book!

Whether the rumours are total nonsense or actually have some substance it'll certainly be interesting to watch it unfurl. One factor it could affect though, is our current hunt for a new manager. Anyone looking to invest in the club would surely want their say on who's at the helm of the club, and to ensure that the club brings in the right manager to save us from our current plight.