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Bogdan called up by Hungary before deemed fit by Bolton?

The Wanderers injured keeper is off to Budapest for two weeks. It would be interesting to hear what Neil Lennon thinks about this development.

Paul Thomas

Bolton Wanderers number one choice at goalkeeper has been Adam Bogdan for several seasons now.  Veteran Andy Lonergan has been a capable understudy, but there has been relatively little controversy over who is first on the team sheet.  There is the predictable handwringing when one or the other has an injury, but it is accurate to say that when Bogdan has been fit he has started.

Neil Lennon has made a lot of changes since he took over as manager at the club, but most of us assume that when Bogdan is passed fit he will regain his spot, as he has under Owen Coyle and Dougie Freedman.  The time for this decision to be made is coming soon, maybe sooner than Mr. Lennon thought.

Hungary has called the injured keeper up for this week's Euro 2016 qualifier with Finland.  It was late August when he broke his finger, and he has not played since, so I don't know what interim Hungarian manager Pál Dárdai is basing the recall on precisely. Only he knows, I suppose.

That said, I cannot imagine that Neil Lennon is pleased with this development.  If Bogdan were to get re-injured playing for Hungary, we would have one hell of an international dispute on our hands.

Maybe Bogdan has been fit for a week and Lennon was just delaying the inevitable decision.  Maybe an inexperienced interim manager called Bogdan up without checking with Bolton first.  Or maybe Hungary thinks its Euro qualifier is more important than the concerns of a lower division club in northwest England.  Time will tell, because I sincerely doubt this is the last we've heard of the issue.