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Yet More Lee Chung Yong Praise from Manager Neil Lennon

Bromance is in the air

Mark Thompson

The budding bromance between Bolton Wanderers manager Neil Lennon and Korean winger/attacking midfielder/all-around top egg Lee Chung Yong is growing ever stronger.

Speaking to the Bolton Evening News this week, Lennon said of the Korean:

"The way Chungy is playing, he's full of confidence, and he's probably the most experienced player we've got. You certainly need it in those situations"

With regular penalty taker Craig Davies reduced to an onlooker's role, Lennon continued:

"He put it away under considerable pressure but even with 25 minutes to go I was stood there thinking ‘hmmm, let's hope we see this out'.

Then referring to the pass that set up Max Clayton for the all important opening goal, Lennon said:

"The first goal was all-crucial"

He continued:

"If that goes to Wigan then we've got a mountain to climb but when you look at how it was created, Chung-Yong Lee, the weight of the pass and the vision - I didn't even see Max there, so how he picked him out I'll never know"

More common sense and straight-talking from Lennon.

If Wanderers continue at this pace I think that there might be a few others wanting in on this bromance. Long may it continue.