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Chris Eagles is No Fan of Former Boss Freedman

But really, come on, who is?

Chris Eagles in happier times
Chris Eagles in happier times
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Following yesterday's breaking news that former Bolton Wanderers midfielder Chris Eagles has signed a short-term contract with local rivals and league strugglers Blackpool, the ex-Manchester United man has broken his silence on the long-rumoured rift that emerged between him and then-boss Dougie Freedman.

Eagles said in conversation with the BEN:

"Now I can say my piece about what happened at Bolton,"

He continued:

"I believe Dougie Freedman was saying I was a disruptive influence and they never offered me a contract.

"They offered me a number of contracts but I felt it wasn't worth signing. I didn't like him and I didn't like the way he managed.

Eagles then offered his thanks to Bolton fans for their support, before twisting the knife one final time:

"He showed me no respect, which is a shame as I loved it at Bolton. I would like to thank Bolton and their fans. I've had to keep my mouth shut."