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Tributes Paid to Roy Hartle Following Funeral

Ex-Wanderer laid to rest

Hartle (L)
Hartle (L)
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The BEN has reported on the funeral of Bolton Wanderers legend Roy Hartle on Tuesday, where former teammates, family, fans and club dignitaries gathered to pay respect to one of our longest-serving players who sadly passed away on 5th November.

Russell Hartle, Roy's son, said:

"To me he was my taxi, my cash machine and my safety blanket, but most importantly he was my dad and my best friend - I could always count on him to be there.

"Our family will never be the same. We have lost our captain, but the memories we have will never fade.

"I hope Nat and the lads will be waiting for you up in heaven dad because that is where you belong."

Fellow ex-Wanderer Syd Farrimond said:

"Roy always treated training like it was a league game - and you only went past him once.

"He was a battler right to the end and the respect he earned is shown by all the people here today - players, friends and supporters."

Another former team-mate, Warrick Rimmer, said:

"Roy was a gentleman but you wouldn't mess with him.

"He spoke perfect English and was a real tough player, but the main thing I remember is how he always made time for the younger players.

"Roy was well established in the team when I got there and he helped us with coaching and always kept us in line - he taught me things that I took and and used for the rest of my career."

John Byrom, who signed just after Roy had left Bolton Wanderers, said:

"He was still training with us while he got himself fixed and he was a belting fellow.

"He was an honourable man and always interested in you - everybody liked Roy."

Fantastic tributes to a great man who will be sadly missed.