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Lennon to Have Cash to Spend in January Sales

Get down to Home Bargains Lenny, it's the bomb

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Speaking to our mates at the BEN (PS did anyone see Neil Bonnar's twitter feed last night? Foot-in-mouth throughout. Loved it), Bolton Wanderers boss Neil Lennon has been discussing his intention to spend to strengthen the Wanderers squad when the transfer window reopens on New Year's Day.

Lennon said:

"We're talking about it a lot but at the moment I'm quite happy to work with the players I've got."

Presume he's talking about Darren Pratley.

Anyway, the manager then continued:

"Once you start talking chapters about bringing players in it spooks the players you currently have,"

On giving everyone a chance, Lennon then said:

"I wanted to go in initially and see what we've got and then maybe look towards January. If there's a player we can afford and we like, and then maybe bring them in."

Lionel Messi then please. Cristiano Ronaldo would also be acceptable as long as he brought his Mrs with him.