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YouGov Poll Paints BWFC Fans As Proper Weirdos

This might be the strangest article I've ever written

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Yeah, so the latest YouGov polls, set up using a sample of Bolton Wanderers fans, has painted the following picture of our club's lovely supporters.

What the hell

So basically, we're the following:

1) Our favourite dishes include pies, onion rings and chapattis.

No argument from me.

2) Hobbies include going on day trips, driving and Sudoku.

Bit weird, but I'll let that one slide.

3) Favourite sports are football and rugby.

I like football - that's an easy one, but rugby is bobbins. Load of fat lads rolling round touching each other up. No thanks.

4) Our general interests include video games, UK news and computers/tech.

Bit vague but OK

5) Niche interests include football, Lancashire County Cricket, Lancashire, the Lake District and Manchester.

Now this is getting really weird.

6) Most likely pet is a bird.

I don't know any Bolton fans who own birds. Do you? If so then you probably shouldn't.

7) We all look like Margaret Thatcher.

Get out. Now.