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Breaking News! Bolton Wanderers midfielder Mark Davies injured, out for four months

It's breaking news from the Macron, but it's hard to say that anyone is really surprised. For all his talent, Mark Davies is made of porcelain, and has spent more time on the trainer's table than on the pitch in his career.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers supporters are well familiar with the drill by now.  Mark Davies returns from injury.  The manager, be it Gary Meson, Dougie Freedman, Owen Coyle, or Neil Lennon, says that we are working him back in slowly.  He makes some appearances off the bench and looks decent enough.  He builds up his fitness and gets back into he starting XI.  He rediscovers his form and has a couple of really good games.  The team performances improve as well well.  Then, it happens.

When Davies gets injured no one is taken by surprise anymore.  We all expect it.  Everyone time he makes a run up the pitch, overtime he is on either end of a tackle, every time he moves in a way consistent with playing the game of football, we had expect him to get injured.  This time it happened after training, on a Monday evening, during the international break.  Neil Lennon had the details:

He trained on Monday and looked great,  He then came in on Tuesday with a bit of swelling on his knee so we sent him off for a scan.

The scan came back, we then went and got a second opinion and it now looks like he needs a microfracture.

And now it is at least four months on the sidelines for the midfielder.  Microfracture surgery is not a walk in the park either.  Some people never come back from it.  And others take years.  It's been almost all good news since Neil Lennon took over at Bolton, until now.  This is bad news.  But what it is not, is unexpected.