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5 things we learned: Blackpool 1 Bolton Wanderers 1

Dennis looks back at Saturday's match and notes 5 particular discoveries.

We're learning!
We're learning!
Dave Einsel/Getty Images

Here there are, in ascending order of importance.  Or descending order of importance.  Or no order at all.

1. Neil Lennon still has a lot of work to do.

For all of the progress the team has made since Lennon took over, the defense is still fairly shaky, and the away form is poor.  The man has got a lot to focus on.

2. Chungy is a monster.

South Korean midfielder Chung-Yong Lee has spent the past two seasons in the Championship languishing out on the wing to little effect.  This past summer he played in the middle of the park at the World Cup.  He and his side were awful.  Yet Lennon saw something in him, and moved him to the middle.  It has been a revelation.  Lee has been the best player in the division for the past 6 weeks.

3. Dougie Freedman's biggest sin was not playing Josh Vela.

Even though the youngster has been out of position the last couple of matches, he has still shown the skill that made him a consistent Man of the Match contender in the Premier League as a teenager.

4. Darren Pratley can be a useful player.

He is never again going to score 15 goals in a season, and he is not good at any one aspect of football (except maybe running around), but he is average at many different things.  If you place him in the right role, surrounded by the right players, he can do a job.

5. There is not much between the sides in this league.

Bolton Wanderers currently sit 21st, out of the relegation zone on goal difference.  Blackburn Rovers currently sit 6th, in the final playoff spot.  The two Lancashire clubs are separated by 12 points.  12 points!  That is nothing.  Even after a poor result against the bottom side in the Championship, I believe anything is possible.