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Takeoever Update: Wanderers Chairman Travels for Thai Talks

The plot thickens as Philly G racks up the air miles.....

Jamie McDonald

Despite this Guardian article claiming that talks had not taken place between Bolton Wanderers and the Thai consortium who had been reportedly interested in taking over the club, news has broken this morning that Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside has indeed travelled to Thailand for further talks.

Manager Neil Lennon broke the news in his press conference this morning, saying:

"I don't know about selling the club, but I know Phil Gartside is in Thailand to discuss a proposition from some Thai businessmen," Bolton manager Neil Lennon told BBC Radio Manchester.

"I've no idea what the ins and outs of it are, I'll know more when Phil comes back."

BEC-Tero, an entertainment conglomerate which runs television and radio stations in South-east Asia, and local sports media giant Siam Sport Syndicate have joined together for the bid according to a local newspaper.

Chairman Gartside had told the Bolton Evening News on Wednesday that the rumours were false:

We have spoken to several parties who have expressed interest in investing in the club but these quotes from Thailand come as a complete surprise to me. Other than what has appeared this morning it is business as usual here."