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Man of the match: Bolton Wanderers v Cardiff City

Our no.28 got exactly what his performance deserved last night at the Macron Stadium

Charlie Crowhurst

Leading the line last night, our front man Craig Davies put in his usual tireless shift and it was a pleasure to see the standing ovation he received for his brilliant performance.

I think it's fair to say that since signing form Barnsley, the striker has had his fair share of criticism from fans. This is largely due to the fact that he is not the most technically gifted striker and isn't exactly a 20 goals a season man.

However what he does provide week in and week out is an immense amount of team spirit and fight for the sake of getting a result.

The game against Cardiff was a perfect example of it, and its great to see the man getting some recognition from fans.

Davies had a few chances in the first half which he didn't take brilliantly but as I've always said you can constantly improve your technically ability but without the passion and determination there is no way you'll ever be the best striker you can.

His second half saw fewer chances but the same work you'd expect from a Bolton centre forward and when he was replaced by Jermaine Beckford you saw just how different two strikers can be.

There's only one kind of striker that I want at our club and I bet you can guess who falls under that category. Beckford's had his last start for a while now I would imagine.

A special thanks should go out to Josh Vela whose performance at right back last night (an all but foreign position to him) was first class and should definitely see him start in Fridays home derby. Bring it on Wigan!