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Lennon Effusive in His Praise for Lee Chung Yong

Korean wing wizard has a fan in the new Bolton manager

Michael Steele

Bolton Wanderers boss Neil Lennon certainly wears his heart on his sleeve.

From talking about how Lee Chung Yong 'took his breath away' in training, to how he's the best player in the league, his brand of man-management is working wonders with our Korean World Cup star.

Speaking to the official club site after the 3-1 home win against Wigan, Lennon said of the influence of the winger:

"The first goal was crucial and we got it. I don't how Chungy sees the pass to Max - I don't think anyone else in the stadium saw it"

The difference between the player that we saw struggle under Lennon's predecessor, dreary Dougie Freedman, to the liberated attacking midfielder under Lennon could not be more pronounced.

Since the Northern Irishman's arrival the Korean winger has moved into a central role and this has seen his influence rise exponentially, with the player scoring his first two goals of the season as a direct consequence of his upturn in form.

Long may it continue.