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Is Andy Lonergan the Best Goalkeeper in the World?

There seems little doubt.

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

The headline might seem a little bit hyperbolic, but do bear with me, sexy readers of mine.

A lot has been said lately of the form currently displayed by Bolton Wanderers goalkeeper Andy Lonergan. Some people have compared him to Juventus and Italy legend Gianluigi Buffon. Some have compared him to Bayern Munich and Germany first-choice keeper Manuel Neuer, and some to Manchester United goalkeeper David the Gayer who only saves shots straight at him but because he plays for United people think he's the shit.

However, what I would like to contend is that at present, Andy Lonergan is the best goalkeeper in the world.

Take the likes of Chelsea's Thibault Courtois. A fine keeper, but what has he got to do on a regular basis? A few half-chances to save? Pfft. He's behind John Terry and Gary Cahill - a 50% racist but 100% quality backline.

Neuer has Dante, Jerome Boateng, Phillip Lahm and David Alaba. He has nothing to do all day which is why he carries on like this:

He's reckless.

A risk-taker.

He's no Andy Lonergan.

The former Leeds United and Preston North End keeper has four clean sheets in a row. Courtois can't boast that. Neuer can't boast that, and that skinny ratbag who plays for United but only saves shots hit straight at him but people think he's mint just because he plays for United can't boast that.

Andy Lonergan is, at present, alongside Chung-Yong Lee in being our most important player.

He is deservedly keeping regular first-choice Adam Bogdan out of the side. The Hungarian keeper was our regular pick until a recent finger injury, but at the moment there seems little chance of him coming back into the side such is the form of Lonners.

Manager Neil Lennon said recently:

"When you are trying to be consistent and trying to win things, you need your goalkeeper. I had a great one at Celtic (Fraser Forster) and Peter Schmeichel did it for years at Manchester United.

He continued:

"I hope Andy continues in the same form. All good teams have great goalkeepers. I am not saying Andy is great by any means but he has been excellent since I came in.

Damn straight:

"He is brave and a better goalkeeper than I thought.

Clearly a fan. So are we all.

Personal hero of mine and father of this site, Mr Mark Yesilevskiy, managed to stat himself to death with this doozy:

One slight negative to all this is that his contract expires at the end of the season.

I would hope and pray that renewing his present deal is one of Lennon's priorities. It certainly is one of mine.