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Ex-Wanderer Nicky Hunt Recovering From Heart Scare

Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all at LOV and in the Wanderers web family

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Bolton Evening News has reported how that former Bolton Wanderers and England U21 full back Nicky Hunt suffered a recent heart scare, which led to him checking into hospital after feeling unwell following an away game at Stevenage.

Fortunately, doctors cleared Hunt, diagnosing him with palpitations and forcing the player to reassess the way he was living his life.

Hunt said:

"It opens your eyes to lots of things, family and obviously football, it makes you think that you're a lucky person, not just to play football but to be alive,"

He continued:

"Straight after it [the game] in the changing room I didn't feel right and on the way home, I didn't feel right.

"Those two days were the longest two days of my life because no-one tells you anything.

He then said:

"I was sat in different rooms, getting passed from pillar to post, swab tests and blood samples.

"It was two days of being in hospitals, waiting about and getting tested."

Following the all-clear, Hunt then said:

"It was a scary time for me personally but they just said it was an irregular heartbeat, palpitations,"

"They said it's common in athletes and it's just one of those things.

"You'll either never have it again or if it does happen again then you've got to take it very seriously, but touch wood I'll be fine for now."

Fortunately, everything was OK and Hunt has since returned to training:

"There are no precautions you can take.

"But I'm training every day and my body has been doing that for however many years.

"It was just one of those freak things that he said athletes go through sometimes in their lives."