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Bolton's David Wheater says "Just Give The Ball to Chungy or Eidur"

Sage advice from the man with the biggest chin in world football

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers 27 year old centre half David Wheater has been talking up the abilities of teammates Chung-Yong Lee and Eidur Gudjohnsen.

Speaking to the Bolton Evening News, the former Middlesbrough defender and fan of the bantz has been giving some insight into the motivational techniques of manager Neil Lennon at the same time.

Wheater said:

"The manager has basically said ‘get the ball to them because they'll do the damage for us' and I think they'll get goals too,"

He continued, making sense along the way:

"Chungy is on fire at the moment. It was hard for him when he got his injury, sometimes you don't want to go in for tackles, I don't know if that was what it was like for him.

He then said:

"He's playing brilliantly now, even in training where he's got a bit more spark back, especially with Eidur here too. They are both different class."

I like it when players and staff appear to be on the same wavelength, it engenders the spirit of community within the club and makes me think that we're on an exciting path - where it'll lead nobody knows - but I reckon it'll be one helluva ride.