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Should Bolton Wanderers Cash in on Adam Bogdan in January?

With Andy Lonergan in the form of his life, Dan asks the difficult question regarding our other goalkeeper.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Although he's Bolton Wanderers' physical number 1, it may be some time until we see Adam Bogdan take up position between the sticks again, if indeed at all. Andy Lonergan, Neil Lennon's current number one goalkeeper, is on an exceptional run of form which doesn't seem to be letting off in the slightest, as he kept his fourth clean sheet in a row on Friday night, in Bolton's 1-0 win against Millwall, a feat that hasn't been met since 2006.

So with the gloriously ginger goalkeeper out of contract in the summer (along with Lonergan too) the question must be considered: should we sell Adam Bogdan in the upcoming January transfer window?

I'm going to be completely frank and probably go against the grain here, when I say, categorically, no.

No we should not.

There's a deluge of reasons why I lean this way. Firstly, despite Lonergan's remarkable antics of late, and don't get me wrong he undoubtedly deserves to keep his place in the side, I still believe that Bogdan is the better goalkeeper. To me, Bogdan is more assured and safe, he doesn't make the stretching camera saves that earn plaudits because he does things the easy way, which minimises risks.

I also believe he's stronger and more dominant at dealing with crosses. These margins are minimal, but they're still there.

Bogdan is also the younger of the two, with a four year gap separating them both.

So whilst I'm certain Lonergan could play for a number of years yet, he could very well be entering the peak of his career now, and we have no idea how long that may last for. Bogdan on the other hand, at the age of 27, could well be entering the prime of his career after already improving leaps and bounds in the last season or so. Simple mathematics dictates that he could probably be our goalkeeper for longer.

I understand that the main argument in selling Lonergan is to raise some funds for Lennon to spend in January, but I have to wonder just what kind of fee an out-of-contract-in-six-months-time, Championship goalkeeper, albeit a very good one, would claim to bolster Lennon's coffers.

I personally don't think it'd be a fee high enough, especially when a portion of it would HAVE to go on signing another reserve goalkeeper.

Because, lets be honest, if Bogdan left and something were to happen to Lonergan, for instance, he should have been sent off against Millwall, then we'd be in quite some trouble.

Paddy Kenny conceded seven goals at the weekend, and a further four the weekend prior, it's quite clear that he isn't good enough; and although it appears Ross Fitzsimmons is playing well for the reserves, he probably isn't ready for the first team.

So without Bogdan we wouldn't only be without dependable backup, we would be with competent competition vying for the number one jersey too. Competition keeping Lonergan on his toes and pushing him to constantly improve. We've seen in recent times with goalkeepers such as Joe Hart, that with out suitable completion a goalkeeper may lose that impetus to improve and become complacent.

Also, just purely on sentimental value, Bogdan is our longest serving player now, having joined the club seven years ago, and I think it'd be a damn shame to see him leave.

In an ideal world I'd want both goalkeepers to stay because they're both, especially since Lonergan's massive improvement, fantastic goalkeepers.

But if one of them were to not be at this club next season, I find little sense in getting rid of an important player in January, especially if we want to mount a serious promotion charge.