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Immediate Reaction: Huddersfield Town v Bolton Wanderers

So the streak comes to an end as Lennon's Army fail to extend their unbeaten run...

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Well what do they say about an early should be a good thing but it kind of puts you into a false sense of security!

Darren Pratley fires his third in three and all is well. Then we retreat and Huddersfield Town take over and the Terrier's grind us down via the rejuvenated feet of our former loanee Jacob Butterfield, who scored and set up the winner for Nakhi Wells.

As much as it's hard to hear, truth be told we aren't good enough for a play-off push. That we were bottom of the league, despite the fact our old manager was marginally less useful than a wet fish in motivating his troops, points to the fact that the players haven't quite got the tools to mount a tilt at promotion in the long run.

I won't admit to knowing an awful lot about how the game ebbed and flowed seeing as I'm in a pub and followed the game via the medium of Twitter but a narrow defeat is not the end of the world and this is just a reality check along the way to what will ultimately be success with our new Ginger Mourinho!

'Tis a mere blip in the inevitable rise to the Premier League ladies and gentleman.

Chin up!!