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eBANTZ: The #WAFC Hashtag - An Adventure in Comedy

Join me friends for a look at our cousins down the road - oh how funny their plight is!

Wigan fans try and keep warm outside the ground last night
Wigan fans try and keep warm outside the ground last night
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In a move that came as no surprise to anyone, local rivals Wigan Athletic slumped to a seventh defeat in nine games as they lost 0-1 at home to Sheffield Wednesday last night.

I thought it would be funny to have a quick toot on the ol'Twitter to see what their fans make of the latest defeat - one that must be all the more galling as we, Bolton Wanderers, continue our march to glory.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you - the best of the #WAFC hashtag:

That's true Emma, but these poor unfortunate souls weren't quite so lucky:

Ah Leanne - you know things are getting desperate when you call for the kids to be given a go:

Save your money bro - you boys are getting a kicking at weekend:

You're pissed James if you think you're getting £5m for that liability. £500,000 maybe:

Well Matt/Munt/Matt that would be a novel way to avoid defeat. Maybe give Malky a ring and suggest that?:

Amazing that your genius of a manager is a complete boob - I mean come on, who saw that coming?:

Yeah baby!:

Oof - did you save up all year Andy? Gutted for you. Genuinely:

Lighten up Andrew:

I would absolutely love it if that was the case. Would be hilarious:

You bet your black ass Liam!:

Stat of the year for me. Wonderful stuff.

More to come as they continue their slide towards League One and obscurity - where they belong.