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Wanderers & Reading Twitter Exchange is Cringe-tastic

Bolton's social media team need to stop this, and stop it now

Scott Halleran/Getty Images


Seems like the social media arm of Bolton Wanderers hasn't learned his/her/their lesson.

Remember last year's banterrific exchange? Let us remind you:

I'm sure we all remember the result of the following game - Reading pumped seven goals past a Dougie Freedman 'inspired' Bolton Wanderers side.

Well it seems that absolutely nobody learned from the incident, with the posting yesterday of the following nonsense:

Seriously, this sort of stuff doesn't get anyone anywhere.

Following the 7-1 game, the Reading lot had a smug look on their face - with the scoreboard at the Madejski Stadium reading:

Banter off the scale, right?

No, it's stupid and it's embarrassing. I should know, I'm a fine purveyor of similar Twitter rubbish myself.

So let's hope that the opprobrium levelled at the Wanderers account following their tweets yesterday halts them in their tracks and stops this nonsense for good.