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Huddersfield Fans Latest to Complain About BWFC Stewards

Not the first, and definitely not the last

Steve Bardens/Getty Images

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, the heavy handed nature of Bolton Wanderers' matchday stewards has caused a stir amongst supporters both home and away.

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner has reported that Huddersfield Town fans have complained about the behaviour of Wanderers' orange-coated weekend warriors during the 1-0 Whites victory on 29th November.

One fans said:

"The stewards were really heavy-handed and aggressive for no reason," said Paul. "I was singled out and they wouldn't negotiate or let me explain. This type of stewarding is what's wrong with modern-day football."

The fan allegedly arrived to find his seat and those of his friends taken by someone else. Instead of making a fuss he went to an empty seat at the end of a row next to his cousin. When the late-comers swarmed in there seemed to be no seats left and fans stood in the aisle from the top down.

He then said stewards came up and told fans, including him at the end of the row, to clear the aisle, however the next minute a group of stewards came up the stand and ejected him.

He continued:

"I was manhandled and they were shouting aggressively and literally dragged me out. They wouldn't explain or listen, they just said I was out.

He then said:

"My cousin got thrown out when he went down to ask why I was being ejected and my uncle went down to find his son but they told him to go away.

"Five minutes later the stewards came back up and told him his son wanted to speak to him but when he got down they grabbed him and pushed him out as well."

A spokesman for Bolton Wanderers said:

"Several Huddersfield supporters were stood in the gangways which is against our ground regulations.

"One, after being asked to move several times, was ejected, at which point others became involved and were also ejected.

"Mr Tempest was ejected at the behest of Greater Manchester Police, who had witnessed his behaviour.

"At one point a fellow supporter was trying to calm him down, and in the opinions of all involved, Mr Tempest could have caused more issues if he stayed in the ground.

"All ejections were covered by CCTV and witnessed by the police commander. Bolton Wanderers have given Mr Tempest the chance to speak with our chief safety officer."

Propa nawty.

It isn't the first time that Wanderers' stewards have come for criticism with a YouTube video of them roughing up a visiting Reading fan in 2013 making headlines.