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Triallist Heskey Impressed With Wanderers Set-Up

Should think so too!

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Former Leicester City, Liverpool, Birmingham City and Wigan Athletic forward Emile Heskey has been discussing his recent arrival at Bolton Wanderers on trial, and commenting on the sort of club that he has found.

Speaking to the Bolton Evening News, Heskey said:

"I've thoroughly enjoyed coming into Bolton,"

Presumably the third world conditions at Blackburn were not to his liking.

He continued:

"I've been very impressed, there are some great players here, and I think Neil Lennon is perfectly suited to getting the best out of them.

"We both played under Martin O'Neill at Leicester City and you know what he accomplished there. Neil will have learned a lot.

With Blackburn on his mind, and on the subject of poor teams, he then said:

"At Leicester we were probably the worst squad in the whole division and yet we finished mid-table, got to three cup finals and won two of them.

"We weren't the best team on paper but everyone knew their part and worked hard.

"When teams came to Filbert Street they knew Leicester weren't going to lie down.

"That came from the manager - and I can see that here too.

Former teammate and Bolton Wanderers boss Neil Lennon is clearly a fan of Heskey, and it appears that the feeling is quite mutual:

"Neil is trying to instill that kind of spirit here at Bolton. When teams come to the Macron Stadium they are going to leave a little bit battered and a little bit bruised. It is that kind of mentality."

It's a curious one - he hasn't got an amazing goalscoring record but what he has is bags of experience.

We watch this potential transfer with great interest.