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Ipswich Town v Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

It's Saturday afternoon. Bolton supporters are angry, frustrated, and in despair. Anna is writing about it. Anyone feeling deja vu?

Charlie Crowhurst

Do we really have to do this?

Could we call it a day? Casually discuss the weather or your remaining weekend plans until I reach my word limit and not discuss Bolton Wanderers and their 1-0 loss to Ipswich Town?

(Please say yes, please say yes.)

You probably said no, which figures, what with this being a Bolton site and all, so let's get this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We played a mediocre first half. Tell me that's being harsh if you want, but it's true. By the end of the game, we weren't even leaving our own penalty box a majority of the time. Sure, we don't have money and yes, Dougie Freedman didn't sign players that we needed....but let's be honest. How could a starting 11 be THAT bad. It's ridiculous, it's horrendous, it's becoming synonymous with Bolton football and I hate it.

Ipswich scored on a penalty early on in the second half, when David McGoldrick scored his 13th goal of the season on Andy Lonergan. Now, let's talk about that. I like Lonergan, I really do, but if Adam Bogdan had even thought about letting in the goals Lonergan has (12 in the last 5 matches) he would have been hanging by his ears from the crossbar by now. Admit it, it's true. If anything, I say it's time to bring Bogdan back and see what a good rest has done for him.

(Now, Insert the same stuff I say every week about how it'll be okay and we're rebuilding and c'mon guys, we can't even afford to replace Dougie because I'm sure you know it by heart by now and to be honest, I'm starting to doubt myself just a little.)

Moral of today is: we lost, it sucks, and a lot of people will blatantly say that our team sucks, which could be true.

On the "bright" side, Tom Eaves (on loan at Shrewsbury), Craig Davies (just left us for Preston North End as you all know) and Marvin Sordell (loaned to Charlton) all scored today. (David Ngog did not.) So, if anything, spend the rest of your day knowing that maybe, just maybe, we'll have some goalscorers eventually.