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Bolton Wanderers v Burnley: Immediate Reaction

Anna is at a loss for words. Other than unintelligible screaming, most Wanderers supporters are at a loss for words.

Jan Kruger

I don't even know what to write about this game, to be honest.

The first half was impressive by Bolton standards, with the team coming out straight away and attempting shots. Chung-yong Lee's efforts may have hit the crossbar, but they were as close as Bolton would get to scoring. Towards the end of the half Michael Duff almost scored an own goal for Burnley FC, but the half ended 0-0.

Whatever happened during the half wasn't in Bolton's favor, since the Whites came out looking less lively than they had left, allowing Burnley to seize the opportunity with a goal by Sam Vokes. It was all downhill from there for Bolton (despite Dougie Freedman making 2!!! attacking substitutions before the 65th minute), as they tried time and time again to score only to hit a brick wall that was Burnley.

So, in "celebration" of today's match: have the list of words that I put together once we went lifeless and stopped playing: depressing, disappointing, disconcerting, discouraging, disheartening, displeasing, frustrating, inadequate, insufficient, mediocre, you want me to go on?

(I even put them in alphabetical order for you!)

Feel free to add your own, tell me what you think of the same old, same old mistakes that have become Bolton Wanderers.