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Millwall v Bolton: Immediate Reaction

Scott Heavey

So apparently....I was wrong. You know how every week when we lose or draw or inevitably mess things up, I say that I have no idea what to write because my mind is just all over the place with sadness and defeat and overall feelings of despair?

This is it. This is my all time low. I've hit so low that I calculated how many times I'd have to write "Freedman Out" (75 times) or "Get off, you're shit" (37 times with an additional "you're shit") to reach my word count. How do you play Millwall, the team who concedes the most goals in the championship, and then draw? After holding onto the lead for so long? We cleared two balls off the line! Two! It was all going our way for once!

And then Dougie Freedman put in Zat Knight for Mark Davies and it all just kinda rolled down hill at a very rapid pace. Very rapid.

Shoutout to Lukas Jutkiewicz, though. If you keep scoring, I promise I'll learn how to spell your last name off the top of my head and not Google it every single time you're mentioned.

Let's take 4 seconds to focus on the future, however, and realize just what the table looks like down where we are right now:


You see that, right? You see just how messy it's gonna get the next couple of weeks, especially if any of those other teams actually win?

Hold on tight, people.