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Bolton Wanderers v Watford: Immediate Reaction

It's fun to write these reactions!

Scott Heavey

Now, you're telling me that the team that just played against Watford FC was Bolton Wanderers?

I just....did

Sure, I thought the 4-4-2 would be a good improvement, but I didn't think it would work that fast or that well.

Yet here we are on the other side of a 2-0 victory (!!!!) and doesn't it feel great?! Perfect, even. Like everything is falling into place. We all said we would only need a good win, one stellar performance, to turn things around. Maybe this is it.

Every single moment of this game was worth it. Joe Mason was a force to be reckoned with, literally appearing everywhere to get a piece of the ball, relentless even after he scored. Lukas Jutkiewicz added another, getting his third goal in four games. Mark Davies played brilliantly, Adam Bogdan made some spectacular saves, Matt Mills played through an injury to keep us going. This whole team was just phenomenal from start to finish.

Hell, Dougie Freedman didn't even make a defensive substitution until the 86th minute.

One final note, while we're all in a good mood: People have been calling for Dougie's head for a while now (and sometimes rightfully so) but I've seen a lot of it especially when regarding signings. I saw people question him about signing Juke and Mason and well, maybe this is that lightbulb moment for all of us. Our manager isn't completely cluless!

(And no, before you question me, I'm not just being overly optimistic and getting caught up in the win AND the clean sheet. 3 goals in 4 games is a damn good signing, and we all know it!)