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Immediate Reaction: Bolton Wanderers v AFC Bournemouth

Anna is hallucinating, or hopes that she is...

Charlie Crowhurst

Now, I know that I've been ridiculously sick this week and that chest decongestion medicine really does wonders to help me sleep....

but there's no way that first half was a dream, right?

(I mean, I was a bit confused when I was typing "Bolton lead by two" but our ever amazing defense quickly fixed my confusion by allowing a Harry Arter goal for AFC Bournemouth and then later another by Lewis Grabban.)

Still, though. Up 2-1 at the half? Bolton? OUR Bolton? And a goal from Chung-Yong Lee no less?

Why I never....

But before you get super excited at the prospect of us actually we are, yet again, without the three points we should have, preparing for Burnley FC on Tuesday.

And between you and me, the end of that game was more like a nightmare. We reach a point, every single week, where it all just starts coming undone. We can play to the best of our abilities but it's never enough, no matter what Dougie Freedman does. I mean, he played wingers, sent Adam Bogdan in instead of Andy Lonergan, even moved players around to have a 4-4-2 with Andre Moritz and Lukas Jutkiewicz up top at one point in time.

But there's tiny mistakes that unravel us within a second, like a defensive substitution or the wind blowing the wrong way or I dunno, the other team actually scoring. Any of those things happen and we just crumble into this disheartening, confusing mess. I'm not even mad anymore, just very upset that things have to go this way.

So, new plan, I'm going to take more decongestant and crawl back into bed replaying that very lovely first half (namely those 2 minutes where we were up 2-0) over and over again, and when I wake up Tuesday for the Burnley game, I expect a miracle to have fallen upon the Reebok and the final score to be in our favor, finally.