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Bolton Wanderers v Blackburn Rovers: Immediate Reaction

We had to sedate Anna following today's match, but not until after she wrote her immediate reaction.


No, no it doesn't.

I'll try my best to keep my thoughts in order but knowing how excited some of my own friends are at the prospect of winning against Blackburn, scoring 4 goals, keeping a clean sheet AND winning for the second week in a row I expect all of you to be (at least a little) excited as well.

The best thing about this win is that you can feel the confidence growing amongst the players and the energy growing amongst the fans. Last year we started a late run to the playoffs and there's nothing that says this year has to be any different...except I'd rather we actually make it this time (don't we all, though?)

It's the 4-4-2. It has to be. I mean, we start playing the formation ALL the fans have been calling for since day 1 and suddenly we're so good that I don't even have to worry about conceding? Admit it, the 87 minutes we played the 4-4-2 was some of the best Bolton football you've seen this season.

Jay Spearing was fantastic and scored a goal, Joe Mason kept his streak going and even has some fans questioning who's REALLY playing in his shirt and Medo Kamara started off the trifecta of goals.


Fans chanted for four, and four is what they got. Coming on late for Neil Danns, Andre Moritz played the last handful of minutes of the match as the lone striker, driving it in from 30 yards for the 4-0 finish.

And the best part is, those 4 are the ones that scored goals BUT each and every player (even Zat Knight, mind you) gave 100% today. Blackburn stood no chance at all. We had a fantastic first half, expected it to go slightly downhill as it usually does and instead got an even better second half. Sure, we rely on our defense to be great and we were ALL worried when Knight had to be put in for the injured Matt Mills. And yes, we do expect at least one goal a game with the strikers we have, after all, it's what they've proved to be capable of. BUT DID YOU SEE THAT MIDFIELD?! Oh man. Flawless.

Call me crazy or overly optimistic or whatever you want...but two wins in a row, two clean sheets, 6 goals....things are starting to look good, aren't they?!