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Zat: "Dougie is the Right Man for Bolton Wanderers"

He'd know.......

Jamie McDonald

Zat Knight, Bolton Wanderers centre-half and general figure of scorn has come out in defence of his manager in an interview with BBC Radio Lancashire.

33 year old Knight said:

"A few months ago a few managers got sacked, but the chairman and the board have stuck with him,"

"He puts 11 players on the pitch and sometimes I feel we've let him down."

"Hopefully we can repay him and the fans for sticking with us and have a good finish"

Wanderers were hovering above the Championship's drop zone before taking 10 points from their last four games, including Saturday's 5-1 win at Leeds. This followed a season which until a fortnight ago had begun to resemble one of the poorest in living memory, partly due to the decisions of Knight's best mate Dougie and, of course, Knight himself.

We all want Bolton Wanderers to be successful, but we also live in the real world and Freedman has a job on his hands to convince a large section of the fanbase that he knows what he is doing.